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The Juan Davila special collection comprises over 1,000 monographs and more than 60 serials in several languages.The collection is maintained in the broad sequence and categories used by Davila and points to the diversity of his interests in many fields of art practice and theory including art history; architecture; landscape and garden design; decorative arts; photography; fashion; advertising and popular culture; radical and sexual politics, and art theory and criticism.The Juan Davila special collection is held in the Menzies Library Rare Book Room.Items can be requested from the Rare Book Collection., Melbourne: Pataphysics Books, 1990. Melbourne: Currey O'Neil on behalf National Museum of Victoria, 1982.? Owner's signature and embossed initials on thalf title page.Note: a set of postcards of works by Chilean artists (the School of Santiago) exhibited in Santiago in 1993.The exhibition included Juan Davila's , Santiago: Editores Asociados, 1980.Inscription to Monica Davila from her father Eugenio Davila Saxton.

Note: this book has been of special interest to Davila as a source for images and ideas.

Note: Juan Davila states that this book is a fundamental text for the discussion of the avant-garde of the 1970s and 1980s in Chile. With inscription to Juan Davila by Juan Pablo Sutherland.

Owner's signature and embossed initials on preliminary page.

Note: this book a formative influence on Juan Davila exposing him to the traditions of Latin-American literature in the 1960s. Collection assorted catalogues of art and historical exhibitions in Chile and elsewhere in South America, single issues of magazines and journals, auction catalogues, guide booklets and brochures, etc.

32 items all signed by owner and with his embossed initials.

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Several are published in the form of typescripts (probably issued in only a few copies and passed by hand) or as roneod documents.

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