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He's one of the best [left-backs] out there I think, and I'd say that he's more creative than Ashley Cole, though Ashley's always pinching his place in the England line-up.Leighton Baines, 28Baines began his football career at Wigan Athletic in 2002, before joining Everton FC.

Londonas Esate garseja duoti savo klientams aukšciausios klases irenginius.He put me on to [Australian rock band] Tame Impala before they hit it off. He's been to a few of our gigs and even gone on tour with us, and we've become best friends.Last year he came to Glastonbury with us and stayed on the bus and we had a lot of fun.It was when I was still living in Liverpool and in the Rascals.I'd heard his name mentioned as my mates are really into football, so I was aware of him, even though he plays for Everton and I support Liverpool.

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