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Pictures The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the New Building for National Lotteries Board was held in the morning 1st of December 2016. Finance Minster Ravi Karunanayake was the chief guest at the occasion and NLB chairperson Ms. Russian naval capabilities are limited in these areas, and during the recent war with Georgia, Russia failed to control the Georgian coast.Russia’s Mistral Class ships will carry Ka-29K utility helicopters, and navalized Ka-52K Alligator coaxial scout/attack helicopters.By 2014, with Crimea annexed, a civil war in the Ukraine, and the Middle East facing a modern production of the 30 Years’ War, Moscow was talking about basing the ships in their namesake home ports: RFS Vladivostok on the Pacific at Uliss Bay, near Vladivostok; and RFS Sevastopol in newly-annexed Crimea’s port of Sevastopol.Tactical: Control of littoral regions, which includes large stretches of Russia’s coasts, zones like the Baltic Sea and much of the Black Sea, and influence along Middle Eastern coasts, depends heavily on helicopters and UAVs.Russia wants that kind of versatility – even as her neighbors fear it.After Russia’s annexation of Ukraine and the continued covert war in Eastern Ukraine, this contract became a major point of contention between Russia and NATO members.

Any Mistral Class ship built in Russia would represent a naval project whose scale Russia hadn’t seen in well over a decade – which is why initial construction will take place in France.

March 16/17: Russian state-owned firm Rostec has confirmed that deliveries of Ka-52 Alligator helicopters to Egypt will commence later this year .

Cairo finalized a deal with Russia in late 2015 for 46 Alligators for operation on two French-built Mistral-class landing helicopter dock vessels (originally intended for Moscow prior to sanctions imposed on it following its annexation of Crimea.) The first batch of Alligators scheduled for delivery to Russia in 2017 were transferred to the Russian Ministry of Defense ahead of schedule in December 2016.

Regardless, it’s an important tool of power projection.

Mistral Class ships can carry and deploy up to 16 helicopters, including attack helicopters like France’s Tiger or Russia’s Ka-50/52.

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The Russian order represented an extension of some larger trends, but it was still a sea change on several fronts: strategic, tactical, and industrial.

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