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Coronation street speed dating

They go into the shop as he asks why she didn't tell on him. He suggests they "meet up later" in that case but she's cagey. Anna runs across the road with her forgotten butties but, after taking one look, can tell Faye is feeling worse and insists on taking her to the doctor later. Steph teases her and warns her off, he's "mine" she laughs. He admits he's grown quite fond of Michael and he feels like he belongs. Roy attempts to go along with the joke as best he can. They argue in front of Max but Callum pops a baseball cap on Max's head before he leaves. Sophie takes offence but Rita adds that Jenny is always out for what she can get. Maddie tells them that Jenny stayed over last night. Anna only wants to help, and tells her she's her treasure.Anna chats to Faye about a school trip but Faye doesn't want to go. The girls notice Jenny's jacket still laying over the sofa. Gail and Rita chat about the wedding plans and all there is to do. (Remember, he too had a difficult relationship with his own father). She wants her to be happy and healthy and Faye needs to talk to her if anything's bothering her.

Can Sarah persuade him that they need Shona to bring down Nathan? Erica has mischief on her mind when, bored with her relationship with Dev, she books an afternoon of hotel fun with Kevin.

There are always comings and goings in soapland and in upcoming scenes, some characters make the decision to say goodbye while others are back on the scene.

East Enders Lauren Branning and Hollyoaks’ Courtney Campell decide on a new life while Shona Ramsey is back in Coronation Street.

Later realising that Finn was actually in the right, he takes him back on and promotes him to his PA. Darren is left in a panic when Alfie and Tom discover his weed stash and get rid of it in case Nancy finds out and when Shane finds out, he has a more dangerous job for Darren. Granny Campbell wants Courtney to return to Scotland with her if she is keeping the baby and Courtney reluctantly decides that it would be for the best.

Will he be caught as he is forced to deliver heroin? DS Armstrong wants Cindy all to himself so tells a big lie to get rid of Dirk. Scott arrives home and puts a mask over his true feelings but when Farrah pays him a visit to talk things through, she tries to encourage him not to bottle up his emotions. But as she packs her bags, can Tegan and Leela change her mind? Jez is concerned when an injured Mickey is brought into the ED and the pair’s relationship faces testing times.

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Myrtle was first, seducing him with her milk puddings. Michael makes Ga'Andy promise not to do anything daft on the stag night. Faye glances across the road and clocks Craig coming along. Liz magnanimously offers to life the pub ban if Tracy apologizes. Tony pulls her back from attacking Tracy and leads her out, leaving Tracy giggling. Sally reluctantly allows it, warning him that Faye is likely contagious.