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Dating site self description examples

The cult is also marked by the intensity of the people's feelings for and devotion to their leaders, and the key role played by a Confucianized ideology of familism both in maintaining the cult and thereby in sustaining the regime itself.

as events related to the passing of the Suryeong are going on every single day in the Democratic Women's Union and workplaces alike".

They were also urged to support his absolute authority and to obey him unconditionally.

However, in 1996, schools were required to build a separate room for lectures dealing specifically with Kim Jong-il known as the Kim Jong-il Research Institute. Between 19, Jong-il accumulated no fewer than 54 titles, most of which had little to do or nothing at all with real political or military accomplishments since he never had any military training.

Kim Il-sung's grandfather draws the moral of this story: My grandfather's opinion was this: If pupils peep into their teacher's private life frequently, they lose their awe of him; the teacher must give his pupils the firm belief that their teacher neither eats nor urinates; only then can he maintain his authority at school; so a teacher should set up a screen and live behind it.

The magnitude of adulation often borders on fanaticism.

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He further said that during the De-Stalinization period in the USSR, when Stalin's personality cult was criticized in 1956, some North Korean students studying in the Soviet Union also began to criticize Kim Il-sung's growing personality cult and when they returned home they "were subject to intensive interrogation that lasted for months" and "Those found the least bit suspicious were killed in secret".