Gridview rowupdating change new values

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Gridview rowupdating change new values

ORA-04084: cannot change NEW values for this trigger type Cause: New trigger variables can only be changed in before row insert or update triggers.Action: Change the trigger type or remove the variable reference.This sample contains a Sql Server database file, if you do not install Sql Server, The Data In page can also works fine.More information about Sql Server 2008 R2 Express and download links can be found here: Please follow these demonstration steps below. Expand the CSASPNETGrid View web application and press Ctrl F5 to show the Data From You may be wondering why would you want to force refresh, what is the point in refreshing a cell that has no changes?The answer is to do with cells that don't show underlying data or depend on something other than just the underlying data.

If refreshing cells meets your needs, then don't use redraw rows.

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So as long as you are updating the data via the grid's API, the values displayed should be the most recent up to date values.

However sometimes you may be updating the data outside of the grids control.

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One example is a cell that might contain action buttons (add, delete, send etc) and you might want to disable the action buttons if the logged in user changes role (if roles are tied to the functions), or if it's past 5pm and you don't want to allow such operations past a certain time.