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Secondly, I actually enjoyed how Nana-Yoon Seong is used as a bait for us spectators to stay aback and watch the romance part of the drama while following to the real story that is more explained in the 2nd phase of the drama, where we don't pay much attention to the romance anymore and just drown to the case of 1983.The story shifted much as we can see who the main roles are, who are the ones that the story actually wants to portray.A few days later, Lee Jin-Pyo loses a foot while saving Lee Yun-Seung from a landmine. still it's recommendable Among oh His dramas, this one is my fave of LEE MIN HO's roles.While Lee Jin-Pyo is recovering, he finally tells Lee Yun-Seung about his birth father and how he was killed by his own government. He acts really natural and cool,though he nailed all his characters in his dramas,many korean actors come and goes yet Lee min ho still the best for me''''' more dramas of Him pls.

Lee Yun-Seong takes the Korean man back their camp.

Lee Jin-Pyo then vows to exact revenge upon the five government officials responsible for his father's death. He was also warned by Lee Jin-Pyo, prior to entering South Korea, to avoid falling in love because blood will be shed all around him ... I would like him to do a role as a doctor Woaaahhhhhh This show is a superb combo of Action,drama,comedy and romance.

Seven years later, Lee Yun-Seo finally arrives in South Korea. I love the drama and I watched it after watching Jackie Chan's version of City Hunter. For someone still discovering KDramas,this was a great introduction to Lee Min Ho.

The two people fall for each other even though Yoon-Sung was warned not to fall in love.

At the Blue House, Yoon-Sung meets Kim Na-Na (Park Min-Young), who works as a bodyguard there.

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Lee Yun-Seong takes the photo and places it next to his bed. this drama deserves a better ending like we actually don't know what happen after that scene with yun seung and jin pyo there are too many loop holes but well it was one of the best action drama not saying IT was the best but ONE of the best.