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Intimidating dog meme

The american courts need to stop protecting police officers when they have clearly been negligent.A ruling of this nature shows that these kind of laws are not designed to protect everyone.” and “getting off on a technicality”, if they’d respected his right to legal counsel in the first place they wouldn’t be in a position where him getting off on a technicality was even possible! Like they sometimes provide for children to make the process less intimidating?If I remember correctly, such dogs are appointed canine officers of the court, just as K9 unit animals are members of the police force …According to the bizarre ruling, Demesme was apparently advised of his Unfortunately it would appear Demesme’s liberal use of street vernacular was his downfall.Crichton — citing current Louisiana case law — ruled that if a suspect’s request for a lawyer isn’t sufficiently clear then officers can continue with the interview.

Putin once played the "my dog is bigger than your dog" game with then-president George W. The incident actually served as inspiration for one of Bush's strange paintings.

Over the past 14 years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin have shared an understanding.

After all, Putin served as a KGB officer in Germany from 1985 to 1990.

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled a defendant’s request for a “lawyer dog” during a police interview was too ambiguous, meaning he was not denied his constitutional right to legal advice.

The judgment, courtesy of Justice Scott Crichton, found that Warren Demesme, 24, only “ambiguously referenced a lawyer” during the second of two voluntary interviews relating to allegations he sexually assaulted a minor.

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Instead, people are deprived of their rights and ultimate justice simply because they are not as articulate as their neighbour, or culturally, they have a different way of expressing themselves. “Ambiguous” implies that there is more than one conceivable interpretation of what is being said.