Ksa matrimonial dating site 2007

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Ksa matrimonial dating site 2007

Methods: A cross-sectional, population-based study was conducted as part of the National Premarital Screening Program.

It covered all the individuals who applied for a marriage license during the years 14 Hijra (February 2004 to January 2005).

With these considerations in mind, in 2003, the government of Saudi Arabia decided to implement a mandatory premarital screening program to decrease the incidence of the two most common hemoglobinopathies in Saudi Arabia, namely sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

In this article, we present the findings of the first 2 years of the Saudi Premarital Screening Program (SPSP), which estimates the prevalence and regional distribution of sickle cell disorders and beta thalassemia in the adult population and measures the effect of the program in preventing marriage among high-risk couples.

Both the diseases were focused mainly in the eastern, western, and southwestern parts of the country.

Among the 207,333 couples who were issued certificates for matching, 2.14% were declared high risk.

A copy of the guidelines was added to the website of the Ministry of Health to facilitate access for workers and for rapid dissemination of updates.

According to the Ministry of Justice (which is responsible for issuing marriage certificates), approximately 250,000 couples get married in the country each year.

The whole country is divided into 13 administrative regions.

Among the 2,375 high-risk couples contacted by telephone, 89.6% married each other, despite the known high-risk status.

Conclusion: The results showed excellent access to the target population.

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However, the Ministry of Health has divided some of these regions into smaller regions, resulting in 20 health regions.

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