Mcskin3d online dating

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Mcskin3d online dating

Your email address will only be used for account creation, account notices (forgot password and similar) and the occasional site news and announcements which can be opted out of.Planet Minecraft staff will NEVER ask for your password.

We do not deal with disputes between users and server owners.

You will need a solid reason as to why the new account will be used to fulfill a requirement that our site does not currently offer.

On any accounts that are being used as alternates that have been allowed via exceptions/tickets, you must provide a link to the original account (or users using the account) on your About Me, so that the public is not lead into believing they are separate accounts and are aware as to who is running them.

We are only here to share our Minecraft experiences with other Minecraft fans.

This section gives you information on what you are and are not allowed to do with your Planet Minecraft account, as well as various states your account may be in.

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Findings will not be shared, as per the Privacy Policy stated before.

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