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Hutchins is charged with six counts of making a 'Trojan' program that captures computer users' passwords and personal information and was sold online for £1,500 - but many believe federal officers have the wrong man.

A Las Vegas federal judge has set bail of ,000 for 23-year-old Hutchins.

They have found tweets where he asks for samples of the malware he is accused of creating.

Some have said that the way he killed off the Wanna Cry 'ransomware' that swept across the globe embarrassed America's own security services.

Some are using the hashtag #freemalwaretech and say he was arrested in America to avoid extradition proceedings in the UK.Federal officers were able to see he entered the country by matching his name and date of birth with flight rosters and were waiting for him as arrived to fly home from Nevada.Marcus' supporters including his mother say Mr Hutchins, who is known online by the name Malware Tech, is innocent and claim a tweet from July 2014 proves he could not have written the software.The six charges Mr Hutchins faces relate to an alleged conspiracy between July 2014 and July 2015.It is not known why his co-defendant's name has been redacted in court documents - it could be because he has not been arrested or is helping the FBI with their investigation.

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Federal agents took him into custody and he appeared in the Las Vegas court on Thursday but the hearing was adjourned to be continued today.

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