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Also take note, you can use Inter Act's encrypted codes ( or if you have the skills to make your own codes, this version is also able to use decrypted codes, ie normal memory addresses. 2000 (C) Capcom JPN/NTSC 09/05/00 005 Dino Crisis (C) Capcom JPN/NTSC 09/06/00 006 Vampire Chronicles For M. (C) Capcom JPN/NTSC 09/06/00 007 Carrier (C) Jaleco USA/NTSC 09/08/00 008 Blue Stinger (C) Activision / Climax USA/NTSC 09/10/00 009 Vigilante 8 Second Offense (C) Activision EURO/P-N 09/11/00 010 Marvel VS.

More info and bunches of codes: --- Group News --------------------------------------------------- Num Game Title & Publisher Origin Date --- ---------------------- ------ ---- 001 Flag To Flag CART Racing (C) Sega Sports USA/NTSC 09/04/00 002 Deep Fighter (C) Ubisoft / Criterion USA/NTSC 09/05/00 003 Grand Theft Auto 2 (C) Take 2 / Rockstar USA/NTSC 09/05/00 004 Capcom VS. Capcom: Co SH (C) Capcom USA/NTSC 09/11/00 011 Plasma Sword (C) Capcom USA/NTSC 09/13/00 012 Mortal Kombat Gold With CDDA (C) Midway USA/NTSC 09/14/00 013 NFL Blitz 2001 (C) Midway USA/NTSC 09/16/00 014 Dance Dance Rev.: Club Mix (C) Konami JPN/NTSC 09/18/00 015 ESPN Internat.

Nights (C) Mattel USA/NTSC 12/05/00 084 Championship Pro Surfer (C) Mattel USA/NTSC 12/06/00 085 Q-Bert (C) Majesco / Hasbro USA/NTSC 12/06/00 086 POD Speedzone (C) Ubisoft USA/NTSC 12/07/00 087 Grandia II (C) Game Arts / Ubisoft USA/NTSC 12/08/00 --- Grandia II CD2 Addon (C) Game Arts / Ubi USA/NTSC 12/08/00 088 Rival Schools 2: B. - -----------[ Echelon Dreamcast 2000 - There can only be one!

Make sure you free up space on your VMU prior to booting this, however.

After updating to this version you can't go back to the previous version.

This is the first time when we have seen a security patch update on a Moto G.

Here it is the properly cracked version of Gameshark for Dreamcast.

This is the only one that doesn't need the stupid dongle.

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After this you can easily choose whether to update your G4 Plus or not.