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Was ranbir kapoor dating avantika malik

Avantika: She just wants to run around all over, and climb on top of things, so we’re going to have a little get together for her and her close little buddies at a play gym.

They will get to do everything they want in a safe environment. Imran has always been terribly wise for somebody his age. But once you have a child, you don’t have the bandwidth to worry anymore.

But you don’t realise when those feelings fade away, and when you start to accept things. Imran: Then came a point when she started moving around everywhere, and then we realised that maybe it’s not necessary to sterilise everything. There are a couple of great schools I have been hearing about that are smaller, and I think there is some hope.

I remember, when we first brought her home, I went crazy with sterilising things and using sanitisers. Imran, you have always been very vocal about your opinion of the education system here. Avantika: I have found a nice Montessori to send her to. When Imara was three months old is when we first went to get her admission sorted. I cannot understand having to pull strings to get your child into a school. Imran: Having visited the school, I am also hopeful.

They (school authorities) said that people usually come in the second trimester. In a film family, how do you plan to keep her grounded?

Avantika: I think I am going to take a page out of Reena (Imran’s maternal uncle, Aamir Khan’s ex-wife) and Aamir’s life.

I don’t want her to be a little princess because that would really upset me. The house is a blessing from his grandfather, but this lifestyle is earned by him.

I hope that she observes the way we live our lives and learns.

Kiran (Rao; Aamir’s wife) and Aamir are also doing a fabulous job with Azad (Aamir and Kiran’s son).

Imran: Ultimately, the kids become like their parents.

That’s what they see, and that’s what they relate to.

Most of them, not surprisingly, dumped their partners after becoming famous.

Image: Deepika Padukone dated model Nihaar Pandya before Om Shanti Om (2007) made her an overnight star.

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For Imran Khan and his wife, Avantika Malik Khan — they have been together for 13 years now — the arrival of their daughter, Imara Malik Khan, has changed their lives entirely.

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